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Time for a Change

23 Sep

I have really enjoyed blogging here and sharing my crafty and fibery adventures with all of you! However, I feel like it’s time for my blog to make some changes (positive ones, I hope!) and I’ve found that Blogger is a better format for me than WordPress.

As such, I’m moving to a brand new blog! I hope you will follow me over there and add that new blog to your RSS and e-mail feeds. Be sure to check out my most recent post, as it includes a coupon code you won’t find anywhere else!

I have already used the new blog to advertise my shop updates and share all my free knitting and crocheting patterns. As I continue to build it, the new blog will become the site for other crafty tutorials and update posts as well!

Thank you for sharing in my blogging journey with me; I’ll see you at the new place soon I hope!

– Jess


A Great Day

26 Jun

A day that started off with friends and ended up with me having a trunk full of fiber? Yeah, that’s a good day!

A Husband Who Gets It

2 Jun

There are times that marriage can be frustrating, but this is not one of those times. My dear hubby brought me home this awesome tin sign from a store he passed on his way to lunch today:


New Batts!

29 Apr

I made a few more batts today – each of these is 3.1oz, so I’m getting better at making big batts!! 🙂

Handmade for the Holidays, Part 1: Garland Galore

26 Nov

Before I get started, don’t forget that I’m having a Thanksgiving weekend sale in my Artfire Studio! Check out the coupon codes on this blog post here, and then get shopping! Remind your loved ones that they can buy you some lovely fibery and yarny goodies while the sale is going on, too!

Ok, this week for Fiber Arts Friday, I’ve been working on some holiday decorations around here. I love handmade decorations just like I love handmade everything else. This week’s theme is garland!

Here’s a photo of a garland I made to hang over a doorway in my dining room for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday:

I made the pumpkins and leaves entirely out of my own handspun, then I strung them up on an extra length of some organic cotton yarn from my stash. The pumpkin pattern was from Natural Suburbia, a fellow Fiber Arts Friday participant. The leaf pattern is crochet, and it came from Crochet Memories.

Here’s a closeup shot of one pumpkin and one leaf:

I’d say this project took me just over an hour total, not counting the spinning time. So it was fast and fun, and it made my home look festive for the holidays.

Now I’m gearing up for Christmas with some handspun garland. I got the idea from Jazzturtle, who is in a Ravelry group with me where we’re doing spinning challenges together. Her handspun holiday garland is absolutely amazing.

So, I went to Homestead Wool and bought some witchy wool (leftovers and seconds, b/c this is for garland and not a wearable item) and some Coopworth locks. I dyed the locks red and green and left the witchy wool in all its natural white, brown and grey glory. Then I tossed it all together like a giant fiber salad with some jumbo bling I bought in the gift wrap aisle of a local store. Check it out:

Now just try and tell me that doesn’t look like a whole lot of fun to spin! I’ve got a LOT of it, and I’m super excited to spin it all!

I knew I wouldn’t be able to make my garland as thick as Esther’s because my wheel just can’t handle that kind of art yarn. So I went for a skinny but still chunky single, and this is what I’ve got so far:

Ack! I’m so in love with this fun, holiday yarn. When it’s all finished I’m going to knit it into a big long i-cord and use it to decorate my tree. I will also probably sew some jingle bells onto it. I was originally going to ply it with thread and sequins, but the jumbo bling is sparkly enough for me, which is saying a lot.

So, what have you been up to in order to decorate your home or get ready for the holidays with your handmade talents? Go on and check out Fiber Arts Friday and see what everyone else is doing, too!