Swap Preparations

14 Aug

So, as I’ve probably mentioned here before, I’m a moderator for the Heartfelt Handmade swap on Ravelry. The whole point of the swap is to make ONE handmade item for another person who will actually appreciate it because they’re crafty, too. Then we just add in one extra, very small item to finish the package and mail it off! It’s a low-cost swap with the emphasis on the craft and the spirit of the swap, so I love being part of it.

A few times a year I jump in and participate in the swap as well. This round, August to October, we’re swapping something for the hands – mittens, gloves, arm warmers, fingerless mitts, you get the picture. At the risk of giving too much away I’ll just say that I decided it would be the best option for my recipient if I dyed up some Faux Cashmere spinning fiber to make her mitts.

I chose my “Irial” colorway which is a blend of some of my recipient’s favorite colors (deep red, burgundy, purple and black). I dyed it in a graduated pattern instead of variegated this time, so I’ll split this braid in half lengthwise and then spin a single from each half and n-ply those singles on themselves to maintain the color progression from start to finish.

Here’s the fiber:

I’ve never spun straight Faux Cashmere before, but I’ve been wanting to for a while, so this will be exciting for me! I’m going to knit my Rainbow Brite Mitts pattern b/c I’ve been wanting to see how that will look in a graduated pattern instead of a striping one. I hope my recipient likes the mitts!

In other news, I sewed up a little bag of some sort. I’m not really sure what to call it! I wanted to make a sturdy project bag so I could use it to hold a spindle and not risk damaging that spindle too much. This design is okay, but it’s not 100% what I had envisioned, so I’m going back to the drawing board. In the meantime, I’ll be putting this one in my shop some time on Monday in case someone else finds a good home for it:

The bag is made from a sturdy canvas fabric on the outside. It has interfacing and batting on the inside and it’s quilted, with a regular hot pink cotton lining. It has a nylon webbing strap on it and some binding on the top edge. In the pictures you can see I have put some stuff in there to show off the size – that’s 4 oz of superwash merino top and two of my spindles to show that the bag is plenty large enough to hold those items and more. 🙂

Watch for a Shop Update in Etsy and Artfire on Monday – it will have some roving/top and a few project bags in addition to this one!


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