June Phat Fiber Box Arrival!

23 Jun

The Sci-Fi themed Phat Fiber box arrived at my house yesterday, and once again it was a total delight to receive!

As you may remember from my previous posts, Jessie (aka PhatFiberLady) always does an awesome job of packaging the box together to suit the theme. This time, I saw this upon opening the box:


Inside that little envelope? A wicked-cool Sci Fi reference!

(My apologies to those of you who haven’t seen “The Matrix.”)

Then I got a giganto pile of lovely fluff:

In approximate order, going left to right across the “rows,” I got: Bitsy Knits merino/seacell in a cup, BFL from Counting Sheep Farm, SW BFL in an adorable robot box from Llady Llama Fiber Co, falkland from Sky Loom weavers, a Barbarella batt from Out of Step Dyeworks, pretty green/purple batt from All for Love of Yarn, purple Jane Jetson batt from Smith and Ewe, Batgirl/Batman/Robin mini fibers from Beckylicious, blue gorgeousness from Dyet yarns, a Star Trek: The Motion Picture batt from A Dyeing Wish, Mad Max batt from Natchwoolie, and a lovely red Stargate batt from Wild Hair Fiber Studio. Whew!

Then I got three lovely yarns:

Two blue Tardis yarns, one from Funhouse Fibers and one from Moonlight and Laughter, accompany another Dr. Who Yarn – Amy Powell colorway by Neurotic Knitterz.

I got a package of lovely extras including stitch markers by Lampyridae and WinemakersSister and a diz from 7 Yaks:

and last but NOT least (it’s actually probably my favorite thing in the box):

The Gear Isle pattern by Oh!Dessa Knits!!!

It was another Phabulous month!!!


One Response to “June Phat Fiber Box Arrival!”

  1. Stephanie June 26, 2011 at 12:14 am #

    LOVE that pattern! already marked on ravelry!

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