Spinning a Yarn (or three)

21 May

I’ve been at it with the spinning wheel again!

First up, two yarns I spun for recipients in my Poetry Pairs SAL who do not spin themselves:

The above fibers turned into the following yarns:

Last but not least, we had a “90s Hip Hop” themed spinning challenge in one of my Ravelry groups, and this is what I spun, inspired by “Ice Ice Baby” –

It’s BFL, Firestar and Jumbo Bling plied with transparent thread. It’s soooo soft!

What’s on your bobbins/spindles these days?


One Response to “Spinning a Yarn (or three)”

  1. Wonder Why Gal May 21, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    Great yarns! I actually finally emptied all of my bobbins to make the yarns I posted on my blog. I got an amazing art batt from Twirly Curly Bird last week at Fiber Fiesta and intend on making a yarn outside of my “comfort” zone this weekend. She makes the most beautiful art yarn and I want to experiment.

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