Crafty Plans

4 May

So, my daughter turns 6 on May 10, meaning I’d better get my crafty butt in gear making things for her big day! Today I did manage to whip up a few things – a pillowcase style top and a matching tote bag using fabric she picked out at the store about a month or two ago:

I’m really crossing my fingers that the top will fit since I can’t try it on her for sizing!

I’ve also got my hands covered in dye from a week’s worth of preparations for my Poetry Pairs Spin-Along! I still have about 3 more pounds of wool to dye up and a few surprises up my sleeve to put together, but if all goes well they will ship on Tuesday.

In other news, I got my Harry Potter SAL batts from BohoKnitterChic Spins today! I chose “Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes” as my inspiration, and I’m so glad I did! Though I have loved all of the photos of the other batts she made, this one would have made me cry if I’d missed it!

I’m still contemplating how to spin it. I’m thinking I either want to corespin it or thread-ply it, or maybe do autowrapped singles, we’ll see. I’m fairly sure I don’t want to 2ply it because I really want to preserve the awesome and bright colors!!

I have to spin two of the kits for my Poetry Pairs SAL for non-spinning customers, and then this baby will be the next thing on my wheel!


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