Enabling the Spinning ADD

26 Apr

So, lately I’ve decided to save up for a new spinning wheel. In the meantime, I’ve appeased myself by learning to use spindles. In order to further enable that effort, I asked my sister for a spindle for my birthday. Lo and behold, she sent me one, and it’s full of awesome!

This is a medium Raspberry Twirl spindle from Threads Thru Time. It weighs 1.5oz and it’s fabulous! The wool on there is a little sample that came with the spindle. Overall, I like this one a lot more than the top whorl I’ve already got; I think this little gal is going to be a go-to tool for me. It’s so handy because the spindle winding process creates a center-pull ball! I just pulled it off the spindle and now I’m winding it into a plying ball, it’s so easy! I could probably ply straight from the actual spindle ball, too, but I’m nervous about tangling so I’m playing it safe.

I also ordered myself a Trindle for my birthday. He’s having a sale in April: buy any item and get a free set of arms! How could I resist? So I bought a purpleheart trindle shaft and I got these awesome, purple disco ball styled arms for it.

Isn’t she a beauty? I haven’t had a chance to spin on this one yet since it literally JUST showed up in my mail box, but I will be trying it out later for sure and I’ll report back on the progress! 🙂

Here’s a shot of my two little babies side by side:

Now, just because I’ve discovered a love for new spinning methods doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my wheel. Heavens no! In fact, I just spun up a braid of my own Storied Yarns roving in a new colorway called “Rainbow Connection.” This is the first half of the braid; I’m spinning two separate singles so I can knit them into fingerless gloves. This is a progression-dyed colorway, so it starts at one end of the roving with red and moves in ROYGBIV order to violet at the other end. See?

Here’s the first set of singles – I’m about halfway through the spinning of the second set:

So anyway, look for more exciting posts from me later in the week full of spindle test-drive adventures, batt making, pattern writing and Spin-Along dyeing!


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