Random Tidbits

19 Mar

Here are a few of my recent projects.

I finally got my spinning wheel working again, thanks to the super-helpful folks at my local Lowe’s store. Hooray! So, to celebrate, I spun up 4oz of this lovely blue Desert Garden Farms fiber!

The resulting 2ply yarn is about 133 yards, 9-10 WPI. I have already packed it up and sent it on its merry way to a swap recipient in Georgia.

In other news, I did a little sewing this week, though not nearly as much as I originally hoped to do (isn’t that always the way?). I whipped out my trusty One Yard Wonders book again and this time came up with a great idea for my SIL’s birthday: a yoga mat bag! I don’t know if SIL has one of these bags, but I know she has a yoga mat and I bet whatever she carries it in isn’t nearly as cute as this:

It even has a handy hot pink strap, see?

I’m not sure if you can tell, but there’s also a little pocket in the front to toss your keys, ipod, or whatever. I figure now she can teach her exercise classes in style!

I had a little bit of this fabric left over, so I’ll be using it to make another project bag for the shop to go in my next update. But not today – I’m beat. 🙂



One Response to “Random Tidbits”

  1. Wonder Why Gal March 19, 2011 at 7:42 am #

    Hooray for getting the wheel up and running again. I have to admit, Frodo is feeling neglected. I haven’t spun in ages because I’ve either been knitting or weaving. Argh!

    I love the bag. What a perfect gift.
    happy Fiber Arts Friday!

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