A Quickie Kid’s Birthday Gift and Valentine’s Crafting

6 Feb

So, my oldest son got invited to a classmate’s birthday party on Sunday. When I called the girl’s mom to RSVP, I asked what kinds of things the birthday girl likes. The answer? She’s wild about cats. Soooo, I did some quick web browsing yesterday and came upon this Green Kitchen tutorial for a patchwork cat stuffed toy. Cute, right? And totally do-able, using fabric, interfacing and stuffing in my stash. All I had to buy was the felt for the face and I had everything I needed.

I decided to make my cat out of one type of fabric instead of using patchwork solids, so my project went even more quickly that way. Plus, I think the fabric I had on hand – thanks to my pal Paula who works for JoAnn’s and sent this to me – is nicely feminine for a little girl’s birthday. I decided my cat needed something a little extra after I finished it, so I added a tutu and a hair rosette made out of some of the face felt. Here she is:


Here’s a nice side profile:

Nice tail.

Hopefully the birthday girl likes it! At least I can fairly well guarantee she won’t get another one like it tomorrow at the party. Plus, it was fast for me to pull it together and almost FREE, so it’s got that going for it.

In other news, I sent off this Valentine swap package to a Ravelry friend of mine on Friday:

Off to the great white North!

Inside that package are a number of little goodies, including – yep, I’m still on this kick – garland! This time I used some of my mini leftover handspun skeins to make red and pink crocheted hearts, then I strung them up on a length of Valentine ribbon. Here it is:

The wide angle.

Close-up: Feel the Love.

So anyway, I guess that’s about it for my crafty adventures today. I hope you have a great weekend!


One Response to “A Quickie Kid’s Birthday Gift and Valentine’s Crafting”

  1. michelle February 15, 2011 at 10:15 am #

    Cool. I like your take on it.

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