Handmade Holidays: Last-Minute Gifts

22 Dec

Well, I’ve still been busy working on those last few handmade Christmas gifts, but they’re nearly all finished! Here are a few ideas I thought I’d share because I whipped them up quickly and you might like to do the same, now or next year!

I made this cute apron using 1/4 yard of fabric, some trim and some pre-made double-fold bias tape (the widest kind you can get):

I used the Fat Quarter Apron Tutorial from Prudent Baby, and I love it! Hopefully the recipient will, too.

Yesterday I decided to let my kids get in on the fun. I cut out stocking shapes from felt, using a permanent marker and a cookie cutter. I made two of each shape and used each color of felt I had on hand twice, so that got me 12 pairs of stocking felt shapes. I gave six pairs to each kid and taught them the basics of sewing a whipstitch around the edges to attach the two pieces. Then they got to stuff them and add glitter glue to the top. This is what we got:

Sewing and stuffing away! My own little sweatshop.

"Sewing is much harder than I thought, Mom!"

Almost finished!

The little one gets in on the action.

So, we definitely had fun, though in retrospect six stockings apiece was a little bit much for my kids, who are 7 and 5 and have never sewn anything before. They were troopers, though, and here are the fruits of their labors:

Jillian's Work, age 5

Will's Work, age 7

The stockings are currently drying due to the excessive amounts of glitter glue on them. You could always skip this step, or for older children you could teach them to embroider designs on the felt before stuffing and sewing them together, or even how to needle-felt the designs on top, as long as you stuff them with real wool instead of the polyester stuff we used. In any case, once our stockings are dry I will string them up into garland for my in-laws and my sister-in-law. I plan to use three of each child’s creations per garland. You could also use this craft to make gift toppers or Christmas ornaments, too.

Happy Crafting, and Merry Christmas!


One Response to “Handmade Holidays: Last-Minute Gifts”

  1. Wonder Why Gal December 22, 2010 at 11:42 pm #

    Great idea! tehehe, I can’t even whipstitch so your kids are now one up on me.

    Merry Christmas!

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