Mike’s Old Shirt = Jilly’s New Dress

17 Dec

So, recently I caught the sewing bug, but I don’t have a ton of fabric lying around to play with (yet, I’m sure that will change!). So I’ve been poking around online looking for things to make out of old T-shirts, and I found this great tutorial at Kojo Designs to make a ruffled dress out of a T-shirt. Wahoo! I thought, and I grabbed one of Mike’s old shirts that he never wears. A little while later it had become this:

Yes, I have a red-eye reducer function in my photo editing program but it wouldn’t work on this picture. Sorry. 🙂

Here’s one to prove her eyes are really blue, and she’s really pleased with her new dress (which will debut at her class Christmas party tomorrow!):

In that last one you can kind of see the hair ties I made to match her dress – I had extra fabric circles left over after I covered the collar in rosettes, so they became accessories!

I’m thinking of adding a belt of some sort, but I don’t know if I want to use ribbon like the original tutorial or do something else. So stay tuned for an update on that, if I get around to posting after I do something.

Happy Thursday!


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