Doin’ the Pants Dance

12 Nov

I sewed something else successfully! I made some cute PJ pants for Zack using this awesome tutorial.

These pants are cute, right? They used to be my Old Navy St. Patty’s Day T-shirt!

Notice how they already have banana goo on them; that's love right there.

They look even cuter on the model, though:

Thanks for the pants, Mom!

They’re pajama pants because I didn’t do so great with the thought process. I made them only slightly longer than the model pants I used as a pattern and I forgot to take the waistband cuffing into account. Oops! So they’re a little short, but that’s fine. They’re still cute.

In case you’re worried that this is going to become a sewing blog, never fear! I’m still up to my normal fiber artsy stuff. I’ve been taking a few days to spin a pretty skinny single (not skinny by some standards, but by mine at least). Here’s my little man “helping” me with that:

Hey Mom, can you still spin if I pluck your drive band like a guitar string?

More spinning and knitting coming soon!


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