Swaps and Scouts

5 Oct

I participated in the swap I moderate again! It’s the Heartfelt Handmade Swap on Ravelry, and the purpose is to make one handmade item for your partner and send it along with one extra, small gift. That way the swap is about the handmade aspect more than the spending money aspect. This last round was a book swap; we were to make a bookmark and send a book and one extra item. I got this lovely package from Jean, my swap partner and fellow moderator:

The bookmark she made is gorgeous. I love the deep red color and it’s the perfect size to fit into my books! The book itself, Artemis Fowl, is one I’ve been wanting to read. I also love the little Halloween booklets, I think they’ll provide some fun and delicious ideas for the kids and I to try this month!

In other news, I finished sewing all of Will’s scouting patches on his uniform. I’m sure there will be many more to come. They make this sticky stuff you can use to rub the patches on, but I just think it looks nicer when they’re sewn on. It was killer on my fingers, though! I had to go buy myself a thimble. 😛 Here he is, in all his Cub Scout gear:


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