Stash Update

29 Sep

I’m participating in the Halloween Vampire Swap on Ravelry again this year, and our task this week is to talk about our stash. I figured I would do that here in more detail for the benefit of my swap spoiler and just do a few photos for the rest of the group in the Rav forums.

So, what am I hoarding stashing?

First up, the yarns:

I recently organized my yarn stash and put it into those plastic drawers you can buy cheaply at Wal-Mart. I have one large drawer set and one small one, holding my yarns/finished knitted items/fiber arts accessories. I have tried to organize each drawer by the type of yarn in it or the way I feel about the yarn. For instance:

  • Top left corner of photo – kitchen cotton. The typical, worsted weight variety of 100% cotton yarns, with a few organic cottons in the mix. I like to keep these in my stash to knit dishcloths, washcloths or baby items. No specific purpose, and it goes in a small drawer.
  • Top right corner of photo – random skeins. Some more cotton but in larger skeins, some acrylic for baby stuff or kids’ toys, some sparkly stuff I might use for Jillian or my sister. Stuff that survived my recent stash purge. Again, a small drawer full of yarn with no specific project in mind.
  • Bottom left corner of photo – handspun. This goes in one of my big drawers, and it’s full of awesome. I love handspun yarns now that I have discovered them. Most of these are skeins I spun myself, but a few are gifts from friends, Etsy purchases and swap package goodies. I love them all and for most I have a project in mind even if I haven’t cast on for that project yet.
  • Bottom right corner of photo – Indie dyer yarns, handpaints, sock yarns, awesome stuff. I got some of this in swaps, bought some on Etsy, received some as gifts. I do not knit socks and I don’t want to knit socks, but I love sock yarn projects and I like the bang-for-your-buck that you get when you buy nice sock yarn. I’d say I have a specific project in mind for at least half the yarn in this big drawer, if not more.

Next, the fiber stash:

In this photo you will see my fiber bin, sans lid, in the top left. The bottom left shows you the size of that bin – 35 gallons. And it’s pretty full. However, if you happen to be my swap spoiler, this shouldn’t stop you from buying me spinning fiber, b/c I LOVE it. Ever since I started spinning I almost never buy actual yarn any more, I prefer to spin my own. Unless it’s sock yarn, b/c I haven’t been able to spin that yet. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will always make room in this bin for more lovely fiber, trust me. It’s nice and squish-able. I have a project in mind for about half of this fiber, the rest will speak to me after I spin it. ๐Ÿ™‚

In the right of this photo you’ll see my awesome spinning wheel, which makes it possible for me to have a fiber stash and use that stash as much as I can.

Finally, my current WIPs:

If you’re a good little swap stalker then you’re probably confused right now or you think I’m lying, because I have WAY more than three WIPs listed on Ravelry. That’s just because I haven’t bothered frogging the rest of them, but trust me they aren’t REAL WIPs because I’ll probably never finish them (well, I might actually finish the Christmas tree skirt for my tree this year, it needs one desperately).

These are the three WIPs that stand a chance of becoming FOs. The top one is my Fountainhead shawl, knit in my own Superwash Sock yarn in the House of Night colorway. I love this yarn and the pattern, but it’s hibernating for now b/c it’s really complicated and I have too many other things to knit for swaps and Christmas, so I don’t have time to focus on this. But soon I hope to remedy that situation and just commit to finishing it already, b/c I know I will love this shawl when it’s done.

The bottom left is my Clapotis, making some nice progress. This is the project I’m working on that’s going to be all mine. I’ve decided to knit for myself more this year, so I want at least one WIP to be mine at all times. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is actually knit using yarn I got in the last round of this swap, and I love it.

The bottom right is a project I’m knitting for my own vampire swap recipient. It’s a super secret b/c I’m writing the pattern as I knit, and in case that doesn’t work out I don’t want to post photos. I’ll share the pattern here later if it actually DOES work out, and my spoilee will get a copy, too.

So, dear reader, are you bold enough to flash YOUR stash? If so, do it! Then post a photo and link to it in a comment so I can see! I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours!


One Response to “Stash Update”

  1. Carrie September 29, 2010 at 10:13 am #

    Wow! Nice Stash! I am beginning to have a nice stash of your yarns! before it was all yarns from joanns. Which isn’t all that bad. It is nice to have some creative yarn stash to go and pet them from time to time! I can’t believe it, since I have found your yarn, this is the first time that I have more than 1 WIP. Now I have a weaving project IP, A scar IP, 2 sackboys IP, a wrap IP, and a baby hat for a baby shower due by OCT. 24th Yicks what have you done to me? But I love it! I am never bored and only 2 of those projects have deadlines. Thats manageable!It will be nice to see all your stash in the works. You have some super nice fiber! Drool….Drool…

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