Handspun Swap Arrival, Yay!

7 Aug

Today I got my first package (I’ll have two in total) for the Handspun Swap Part Deux I’m participating in through Ravelry. This time I got very lucky – AGAIN – because my swap spoiler was none other than Brittany of BohoKnitterChicSpins!

Here’s a picture of the goodies all together:

She sent me a magnet from her shop – see the cute little sheep? – along with a really awesome illustrated short story by Ray Bradbury. It’s called “The Homecoming,” and an artist named Dave McKean did the illustrations. I haven’t read the whole thing yet because I wanted to post about the package, but I flipped through and it’s an awesome little book!! I also got an adorable little stuffed bear from Brittany’s trip to Yosemite and a package of sweet and spicy ginger candies, yum!

Here’s a few closeups of the best parts of the package: the yarns and fiber!!!

In the yarn photo, the one on the left is called “Barnacles,” and it’s a gorgeous bulky correspun yarn in my favorite shades – blues and greens!! The one on the right has been one of my favorite yarns for a long time now, ever since I first “met” Brittany online and joined her group. It’s a gorgeous aqua blue color with pops of other bright colors blended in and I LOOOVE it! I’m really excited to get some bulky yarns, too, because my stash tends toward thinner yarns so I never have any fun bulky stuff on hand like this. šŸ™‚

The batt Brittany made is a merino/bamboo/sparkly blend of awesome! It is really bright and colorful, and it’s practically begging me to learn how to correspin in order to do it justice. I love it!

Thanks go out to Brittany for an amazing swap package and to Carrie, aka CraftyPuppyLover on Ravelry/Etsy, for organizing this swap!


One Response to “Handspun Swap Arrival, Yay!”

  1. Jenn August 7, 2010 at 3:11 am #

    Love the batt (corespinning is also one of my favorite uses for batts)

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