Argh, Mateys, it be Fiber Treasure!

22 Jul

My Phatfiber Loot came today! This month’s theme? You guessed it: Seaweed, Ships and Scallywags!

The goodies in the box:

Stitch Markers and Jessie’s special add-ins:

A beautiful lacy scarf pattern from Bitsy Knits:

The fiber:

and the yarn:

While I was perusing my booty, two scallywags came by and commandeered some of my treasure:

Will tried his best to smile like a pirate. 🙂

With all this beautiful treasure, I couldn’t NOT share with them. They got the treasure chest from CraftyPuppyLover’s sample and filled it with seashells and stitch markers, along with Jessie’s pirate coins add-ins. They had a blast in particular with the message in a bottle (I took the stitch marker and let them keep the bottle and “pirate treasure map”) from Spinnerette Fibers and the skull stitch marker (I let them keep that one, they loved it so much) from Lampyridae.

Another fabulous box! I’ve color-coordinated my samples from the past few months and I am saving them up to make mixed yarns in the various color families. I’ve got brown, black, blue/green, purple, pink, and red/orange/yellow. Plus a section just for locks; I’m hoping to make a super chock-full-of-locks yarn one day, too. 🙂

I was lazy this month and didn’t link to the shops who sent my samples, so if there’s one you want to know more about feel free to post it here or email me, pm me on Rav, etc. and I’ll be happy to divulge shop information and the name of the fiber/yarn.


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