Tour de Fleece Yarns #8 and #9

21 Jul

Yarn #8: Pinkalicious!

This was a batt from BohoKnitterChicSpins on Etsy, and it contained a myriad of fibers:  merino, milk, fake cashmere, ecospun, recycled prison uniforms, bamboo noil, and Angelina. I spun it as a DK weight-ish single with occasional (intentional!) slubs. Then I thread-plied it with lavender bamboo crochet thread. The result is 161 yards of squooshy goodness, and it’s going up for sale in my Etsy shop, fairly soon.

Yarn #9: Monkey Baby

I spun this yarn for Zack because he has been in love with the green/yellow fiber for it since the day it arrived in the mail. See?

I wanted enough yarn to knit him a vest or a sweater, so I plied the 4oz of this lovely fiber from Dawning Dreams with 4oz of my own merino fiber dyed a bright blue. The result?

Worsted weight, approx. 280 yards, super soft and bright. Perfect for my Little Monkey. 🙂

In progress, yarn #10 – Squishasaurus Rex:

The fiber is my Rex batt from CraftyPuppyLover‘s Toy Story SAL. After this I’m spinning Hamm; one for Will, one for Jilly. It’s only fair, after all. I’m thinking Will’s going to get a hat and Jilly will get a scarf, since that’s what she always wants me to make for her.


2 Responses to “Tour de Fleece Yarns #8 and #9”

  1. wonderwhygal July 21, 2010 at 4:55 pm #

    I love the yarns!

    I really love the Toy Story colors…ah, spin-alongs, now to figure out how to get my next one to work with more participants.

    • jessecreations July 21, 2010 at 7:43 pm #

      Thanks!! I think a spin-along with a theme works really well. I enjoy spin-alongs where the fibers are dyed/carded in inspiration of something I like, so all the SALs I do have a fun theme to them. Right now I’m doing Toy Story, and I just did Muppets and am signed up for a Pirates/Princesses one and a Princess Bride one. Usually they also involve some type of small add-in prize or gift and a prize drawing for finished yarns/knitted and crocheted items. 🙂

      Jessica Cook Visit my blog at

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