Tour de Fleece Yarn #5: Proud as a Peacock

8 Jul

Last night’s yarn was from a BFL roving by Ann Ryan of Colorbug Yarns. I love Ann’s bright colors, they’re so amazing! Visiting her shop is an immediate mood-lifter, and so was spinning this gorgeous roving. It was really cool to see how the colors would change and blend as I drafted and spun, and I’m really happy with the evenness of the yarn.

I’m on a worsted/aran kick lately apparently, b/c this yarn is once again 8-9 WPI. It’s about 141 yards total, 4oz. It’s going to a swap buddy in the Handspun Swap I’m doing.

Up next? I haven’t quite decided yet. I have a SAL yarn to do, a blue/green/yellow yarn to do for Zack, some brown/white/yellow I may try to put in the shop, and some other yarns for swap partners. So many choices! Good thing it’s only the 8th and the Tour continues until the 25th. I hope I can keep up this momentum that long!


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