Tour de Fleece Yarn #1: Midnight Magic

4 Jul

I’m calling this yarn “Midnight Magic.” Don’t ask me why; I’m not good at naming things. That’s why I make all my yarn and fiber inspired by literature/tv/film so I don’t have to come up with original names (now you’re in on my dirty little secret).

I spun this all in one afternoon, which is very impressive for me, if I do say so myself. Here we have it:

Why, oh why, can I never get all 4oz of fiber onto one bobbin when I’m plying?!? I’m counting this as one yarn even though it’s in the form of two skeins.

The Details:

  • 40z Superwash merino from KnittinK (gifted to me in the handspun swap b/c I’m cool like that)
  • 2ply, Andean style (I wound the yarn into a center-pull ball and spun from both ends)
  • 8 WPI, Bulky Weight
  • 106 yards total

For my next yarn, I have promised Jillian she can practice spinning on my wheel. Am I nuts? Yes, quite possibly. She has chosen three pinky/purple samples from my Phattie collection and I’m going to help her spin them. So yes, I have a ringer in this competition but I’m counting it anyway since I will likely do most of the work. If I’m wrong and she turns out to be a spinning prodigy I won’t count it in my totals. šŸ™‚

I wonder how long it will take before my body starts to break down from all this drafting and treadling?


One Response to “Tour de Fleece Yarn #1: Midnight Magic”

  1. wonderwhygal July 4, 2010 at 4:40 am #

    Looking good! I am on my second bobbin. Still can’t spin lace but I’m getting close. 2oz on each bobbin is the goal then to ply before bed tonight. Good Job!

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