A Town for the Arts

30 May

When Mike and I first got married, we lived in a town called Watertown, Tennessee. We chose to live there because it seemed like a really cute, quaint little town; it had a town square and very little in the way of development. While we enjoyed living there, sometimes it was hard because if you wanted milk or to order pizza you had to go to the gas station. The town was cute but didn’t have a lot going for it at the time.

I haven’t been back to Watertown in years; we moved away from there when Will was still a baby. Last night, though, Mike’s friend and co-worker Jeff was playing at a coffee shop in Watertown. What?!? A coffee shop in Watertown? Why, yes! Watertown seems to have exploded with coolness in the past few years. There is now a coffee shop called Lulu’s Coffee House, and it is amazing. The art, the atmosphere, the purple vinyl couches; I loved it all. Jeff’s show was really nice – we only stayed for the first set, though, b/c we brought the kids. His music is good and there was enough of a crowd assembled to pack the house at Lulu’s, which was cool. 

Watertown seems to have become a center for the arts. On the square there are art supply stores and galleries/shops. There’s also an amazing store called Dead Man’s General Store. It rocks. They sell handmade items from local artists (mostly the owners of the shop) and a collection of vintage and quirky toys and accessories. They have really beautiful and reasonably-priced bags, awesome t-shirts and even HANDMADE DROP SPINDLES! The drop spindles come from a place called Folsom Farms in Alexandria, TN. I’m bummed they don’t sell these online so I can’t show you what they looked like. I may have to go back and buy one; they’re so awesome that it makes me want to learn to use a drop spindle again, even though I failed miserably in my first attempts.

Watertown now has their own pizza place, bakery, and Mike even saw a sign that said “Fiber Arts Studio,” though I’m not finding anything for that in a Google search. I will definitely be back to investigate, though. If only we had stayed there a few more years! Mike and I both agreed that when it’s time to buy a house, we’re going to look in Watertown first. We love it there now even more than we did when we were newlyweds.


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