Phat Box Arrival!

22 Apr

My April Phatfiber Box arrived today, woo hoo! This month’s theme was “All Creatures Great and Small.” I sent in samples of my Death of Pan colorway b/c in the scene from the Percy Jackson books that inspired that colorway there are a TON of weird and wonderful animals. Here are the goodies I got in my box:

First, once again our fearless leader – aka PhatFiberLady Jessie – has chosen a beautiful and appropriate tissue paper to wrap the box. It’s so much fun to open it up and see what she’ll pick each month!

Up next, the patterns. This month I got two, both equally fun: Little Grey Hare is a pin or other adornment from Garilynn. Visit her Etsy shop to see some really amusing ideas she has for how to include this in a Mother’s Day card. I also got a beautiful Butterfly Scarf pattern from Prancing Pixel. I think this would be gorgeous with some handspun yarn, so I’m definitely keeping it in my knitting queue!

Next up, yarn! My box was heavy on the yarn this month, which has inspired me to get working on a sock yarn blanket of some sort. Here’s a pic of the lovelies I received:

Let’s see. I got a really neat sampler from Light Brown Hare and a coupon for free shipping, which included a naturally-colored sample of sock yarn that I think I’ll use to make the Little Grey Hare or this other bunny pattern I saw for Zack. I also got a Luna Moth sample from Mama Jude’s, which is awesome because I can’t believe the vibrant and gorgeous colors she gets from plant dyes! Then I got a supersoft honeybee sample from Lampyridae; my friend Steph would love her stuff because she likes to combine yarn and science stuff together. 🙂 Her sample came with really amazing packaging; a gold honeybee wax stamp on the back of the envelope, a free stitch marker, a gorgeous product tag and a coupon code! I got a soft pink linen yarn sample from Jag’s Funky Fibers; she does a lot of recycled yarns which must take an amazing level of patience! Her sample also came with a coupon code on it, which rocks. I got a colorwork sample duo from Play at Life Fiber Arts; I love her colors and her yarn is SO soft. Another free shipping code there, I’m a very happy girl this month. More code loveliness and some squishy rainbow-colored amazing yarn from Moonlight and Laughter; her “Giant Red Eye Froggy” colorway would make an awesome hat for Zack, or any of the kiddies really. I LOVE the blue/black “Western Blue Charaxes” butterfly-inspired colorway from Knit It Up; ooh, ooh, ooh. I got a double dose of pretty from Fibro Fibers this time; her Super Sock samples in Amethyst, which is of course a blend of one of my favorite colors: purple!! Since I got TWO samples of this I’ll have to think of a fun and special project for it. She also gave me a coupon in case I need more, which I just might!! Whew, that’s it for the yarn.

Onto the fiber:

I got a really cool deep blue “Great” batt from (RuLe OuT): fIBer AdDicTiOn, NOS. It has yak fiber in it, which is super awesome cool and I can’t wait to spin it!! I also got an AMAZING Clifford batt from Carrie, aka Craftypuppylover. It is deep hot-mama-lipstick red with some black and sparkles, and I am in love. I have already put in dibbs for more. 🙂 There was also a beautiful terracotta-russet-red colored batt with a blend of natural colors from Susan’s Kitchen. She was inspired by a character from James Herriott’s novels, and this batt is beautiful. The fun little orangey-red puff ball is a Tribble sample from Giffordables. She said her fiber room seemed to be expanding its suppply like those lovable Trekkie Tribbles, so she sent some to each of us. I think this is really cute and I’m going to save it for a needle felting project. I got a Light Purple Budgie sample from Blue Mtn. Handcrafts. I have spun some of Beth’s batts before, so I know how amazing this one will be to spin. I’m really looking forward to it, and I absolutely LOVE the color. The lovely natural colored fiber with greens and golds is from Fleecemakers Fibers. She was inspired by the setting from Herriott’s novels, so this fiber was inspired by the moors and dales of Yorkshire. It’s really cool and I can’t wait to see what it looks like as yarn. Finally, I got an adorable Easter egg full of angora rabbit fur (YAY!) from Woolie Bullie. The egg virtually burst open with rainbow-colored bunny fur, and it is SOOO soft. Will and Jillian were drawn to that sample immediately, and they both wanted to know why it was so colorful if it came from a bunny. 🙂

All in all, another wonderful box day!


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