Finished Wheel, Ready to Spin!

11 Apr

I finished my wheel painting adventure. Here are the specifics:

  • I sanded the whole body down.
  • I painted the main PVC piping a light purple color using craft paint. Two coats total.
  • I painted the PVC joints, the flyer and the treadle pedals using black craft paint. One coat with a few touch-ups here and there.
  • I painted a vine/leaf pattern using a black paint pen.
  • I painted dots around the ends of the joints and the perimeter of the pedals and flyer using a silver paint pen.
  • I wrote a cursive “J” on the front with a silver paint pen.
  • I coated the whole thing in a clear coat spray paint sealant, except the flyer which I kept plain b/c I don’t want the coat to snag the fibers/yarn.

So far, so good. The paint doesn’t appear to be chipping from normal contact, so I hope it stays that way. I expect the most wear under the treadles but I can live with that; that’s why I didn’t bother to paint a pattern on that portion. Here it is:



2 Responses to “Finished Wheel, Ready to Spin!”

  1. Stephanie April 11, 2010 at 2:20 am #

    Yes, she is totally you!

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