More Spinning and a Shop Update

7 Apr

Well, I’m not finished with my wheel yet! Here are some more photos of my recent handspun yarn adventures:

Surprise 1 and Moon Rock

Surprise 1 came from Blue Mtn. Handcrafts; it was a freebie surprise batt I got with my citric acid order. Moon Rock is from Desert Garden Farms. I LOOOVE her stuff; I have some more of her batts waiting to be spun, and I can hardly wait to get started!

Here’s one more, also a surprise batt from Blue Mtn. Handcrafts:

Surprise 2

I used a few yards of this one to make a flower pin for a friend, but first I need to finish it. Then I’ll post photos.

I also recently updated the shop. Now available are the Children of Hades, yarns inspired by Nico and Bianca di Angelo from the Percy Jackson novel series:

Son of Hades

Daughter of Hades

My Hades colorway is a mixture of greens, charcoal and black. Nico takes the charcoal and black and mixes them with navy and slate blue. Bianca takes the greens and charcoal and mixes them with light teal and light grey. For now, Son of Hades is available on Superwash Sock and Daughter of Hades is on Merino Sock; however, as with all of my colorways I can dye either one on any base.


One Response to “More Spinning and a Shop Update”

  1. AllyB April 10, 2010 at 7:15 am #

    Hello! Your wheel is beautiful. Yes, I think I’ll be crocheting the next blanket I decide to make. Thanks for your comment.

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