More Fibery Fun

19 Mar

So, yesterday was a whiz-bang day for the fiber arts around here at Storied Yarns central. First, I got my Phat Fiber box, which I’ve already gushed over enough in the last post so I won’t bore you here. Then, I got my order from Blue Mtn. Hancrafts. I get my citric acid for dyeing from Beth over there at BMH, and she has this really cool thing in her shop where she has special listings. Some of them are for free shipping, or a discount on one item in your cart, etc. The one I get is called “In through the Out Door” and it gets me a FREE 1-oz. sample of her BEAUTIFUL fiber! I posted about it the last time I ordered from her, and when I ordered again I got this:

Ooh, Sparkles!

Isn’t it gorgeous?! I can’t wait to spin it up when I get a wheel (still saving for that one)! It’s awesome; just the bright spot I needed in a crazy week.

Last night I decided to give a few of my PhatFiber samples a try. I wanted to make Katherine Vaughn’s hair tie pattern, but I ended up having to modify it to make it crochet. I let Jillian pick the yarn out of the box to make the hair tie, and she chose a thick and thin handspun from Coolclimates which looks really neat, but it was just too hard for me to get it to work out on small needles. But if I’d used larger needles, I might have lost size in the overall project. So I used a crochet hook for a similar style and got this:

Sparkly Turquoise Handspun Hairtie

Jillian seems pretty pleased with it …

She loves her accessories!

I also used the sample yarn from Play at Life Fiber Arts and made this bracelet:

Neutral Fun Bracelet

Neutral Fun bracelet

It’s a little bit big, so I’ll have to move the button. Overall I think it’s pretty fun, though, and it gave me some inspiration for a new pattern to publish with next month’s box drop.


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