PhatFiber Phun!

17 Mar
Oooh, it was box day here at Storied Yarns Central! What does that mean, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you! My first ever PhatFiber box arrived today! This was my first month contributing to the box, and I wanted to be sure to send in 50 so I could get a box for myself. I am SO glad I did that! I thought I would share the wonder of this experience with all of you out there in the blogosphere, so without further ado here it is: the PhatFiber box experience.

My mail carrier brought the box to my door, and I nearly squealed right in front of him. I parked myself on the couch and promised myself to proceed slowly and savor the experience. First, the box inside view:

Hello there, I'm full of loveliness.

Inside that lovely little brown bag were my extra goodies, including some yummy chocoffee drink mix from Dawn, a beautiful knitted flower pattern from Katherine Vaughnย (which I will use to make a spring hairtie for Jilly-bean using some sample yarn from the box), a gorgeous stitch marker and pattern from Echo, and some lovely business cards I will file away for when I need them.

Lovely extra surprises!

Now on to the actual box contents. The theme this month was Elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Aether. Here are the contents jumping out of the box to greet me:

Box of Joy

I grouped the goodies by element so you could get a better look. First up: Earth.

Down to Earth Fluff and Yarn

I got an awesome landfill batt from BohoKnitterChic, a Mud Pie batt from Fleecemakers Fibers, some super-soft llama/silk fiber from Lil Bit of Heaven Fibers, ย and some beautiful and rich “By the Spoonful” merino yarn from Play at Life Fiber Arts. Normally, earth is my least fave element b/c I prefer brighter colors. But these samples made earth move up in the rankings, to say the least! I love the combinations that Brittany came up with for her landfill batts, the richness of the natural fibers in the Fleecemakers Mud Pie batt were gorgeous, and the depth of color in Play at Life’s yarn is amazing. But what really blew me away in this section was the softness of the Lil Bit of Heaven sample; I could ROLL in this stuff quite happily. ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, onto the next element: Air.

Lighter than air spinning goodies

Oh, oh, oh! So pretty. Okay, so I got one of GalesArt’s butterflies, and I am SO SO psyched about it! I also got it in one of my all-time fave color combos, so this is extra amazing.ย If you don’t know what these are for, check out this tutorial on how to spin them. I can’t wait to try it out! This butterfly is STUFFED with silk hankies, and the best part is that if you spend $10 in Gale’s shop this month you get one of these babies for FREE! Look at the size of that sucker, isn’t that amazing? Also in the AIR section of my box I got a super-soft, super-pretty braid of “Morning” superwash merino top from Colorful Life. What I like about this is that the color is pretty, but also masculine, so I could actually use this to make something for one of my boys. I’m usually attracted to the girly colors but I want to build up a “boyish” stash for them, too. I also got an amazing, SOFT, sparkly sample from The Fuzzy Bunny. It’s a combination of super soft fibers and sparkle, and again, I could roll in it all day if it were the size of my bed. Awesome! The colorway for this one is “stratos.”

Okay, next up: Water.

Wild Water samples

I got a beautiful skein of handspun from By Rebekah With Love. This colorway is called “Tidal Wave,” and it’s a merino/bamboo blend that is absolutely gorgeous; all my favorite turquoises! Her spinning is so even, I really hope to be able to spin like that someday! I also got a sparkly cool sample from Coolclimates. This handspun is a darker shade of turquoise/blues, and it’s glittery and fun! She took it from a larger skein including all the elements, so I’m happy I got this section of it b/c I love these colors. I also got a beautiful braid of Colorbug’s Koi roving. I was really hoping I’d get something of hers, because if you visit her Etsy shop you’ll see she does amazing things with color. I love it all, and what’s really cute is that she put a little ladybug bead on the accompanying card. I’ll have to sew that onto the hair tie I make for Jilly! Also in water was an awesome skein of handspun from Knittink, inspired by X-Men vs. Krakoa. I LOVE the concepts for Knittink’s stuff, which is inspired by comic books and other geekery. She’s a comic book geek like I’m a books/movies geek, so I really “get” her shop and love it all. My Iceman skein is a beautiful, icy cool minty blue/green color. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Okay, next up: Fire.

These samples are on fire!

As you can see, my box only had two fire samples, but that’s okay because they did NOT disappoint. The fiber you see there is a “Volcano” sample from Hippie Penguin Fibers, and it’s like an awesome tie-dyed t-shirt. SO soft; it’s BFL (Blue-faced Leicester sheep for you non-spinners) roving which I have heard great things about but haven’t tried yet. Ooh, now I know what all the fuss is about! My yarn sample is a red wine and dark chocolate sample from The Sassy Sheep. This is a merino/cashmere/nylon blend and it is AWESOME! Gorgeous, rich colors and SO soft!!! Yum.

The last element: Aether (Spirit).

Feel the spirit

I’ll start with the Froggy Fibers sample. They included a small sampling of every element, which I thought was fun. That’s theirs in the top right corner of the photo. It’s a neat way to sample some of all of the elements! I also got some beautiful pink bamboo from Polyartgirl Designs. It’s SO soft, and I know Jilly’s going to try to steal it when she sees it! Pink is her signature color, after all. ๐Ÿ™‚ Finally, I got an AWESOME sample of Aether hand-pulled roving from H.A.Y. It’s pink, purple, and full of sparkle. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! I really love Debbie’s things in general, so I’m really excited I got one of her samples to try out.

Finally, in the bottom of my box I got this killer cool cowl pattern from Fickle Knitter Designs:

Briny Sea Cowl by Michelle Miller

I think I might save this one and knit it when I accumulate enough handspun, either of my own or from the samples. Wouldn’t it be cool to spin up all the samples here and then knit them into a cowl that transitions from one element color to the next? I may attempt it, but it’ll have to wait a little while. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, sorry for the super-long post, but I just had to share all the awesome wonder that is the PhatFiber box!


2 Responses to “PhatFiber Phun!”

  1. Chelsea March 18, 2010 at 2:16 pm #

    So pretty! I got a Just Stitches box, since I don’t spin, but all of the pretty stuff I’ve seen in everyone’s Fluff boxes makes it really tempting to learn…

    • jessecreations March 18, 2010 at 6:29 pm #

      Hi Chelsea,

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I don’t really know how to spin yet either; I tried to learn on a spindle and it just hasn’t worked out that well for me. I’m saving up my pennies for a wheel now, b/c joining this group has made me want to learn really badly!

      If you decide to give it a try, you can get a spindle with some roving pretty cheaply from a lot of the PhatFiber contributors. It’s pretty fun to do, but I’m just not getting the hang of it like I want to. ๐Ÿ™‚


      Jessica Cook Visit my blog at

      t r

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