For Amy

2 Mar

Today I got the stitch markers for my Percy Jackson K/CAL Kits in the mail. I still have four more kits left, so get them while they’re hot! My friend Amy made the stitch markers, and they are just as beautiful as the rest of her work. She has a shop for beaded jewelry, and I own several of her bracelets and LOVE every single one! (Seriously, I think I’m up to about half a dozen of them now, plus other things I’ve given as gifts.)

I’m not going to preview the stitch markers for the kits yet, because I want them to be a surprise for the k/cal participants. However, I did want to post some of Amy’s work here. Lucky for me, since she’s so awesome Amy sent me my very own set of stitch markers in my favorite colors! They are beautiful and wonderful, and what’s even better, now I can happily release the other ones to the kit customers rather than keeping them all for myself, since I have some of my own! The ones shown here are different from the ones in the kit, but you get the idea: Amy is a talented lady!

I’m posting this series of photos because Amy graciously agreed to make stitch markers for these kits even though she wasn’t sure what to do with stitch markers or how they should look. Needless to say, she got it right, and they’re awesome! But I thought I’d post this for her benefit, so she can see her stitch markers in action. For anyone else who doesn’t know, this is what stitch markers are for:

Ok, for some reason the text I wrote on the photos isn’t showing up here, not sure why. So instead, I’ll repeat it here:

Step 1. Get lovely stitch markers from Amy.

Step 2. Knit to the desired point in your project.

Step 3. Slide the marker onto the right needle. Keep knitting.

Step 4. The marker marks the spot in your knitting. The next line of directions usually says, “knit until the marker, then do something else.” So you knit up until the marker, move it back over to the right needle, and then do the “something else” in the directions.


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