Sparkly Fibery Goodness!

24 Feb

I got an order in the mail yesterday, and I just had to share. I visited the Blue Mtn. Handcrafts shop because I wanted to try out some citric acid for my yarn dyeing. I’m (and by this I mean, Mike’s) tired of smelling vinegar all over the house every time I dye yarn. So we’ll see if the citric acid is any better. It arrived yesterday, and with it came these awesome batts of spinning fibers:

This one's called, "Never Trust the 7-year-old Beauty Consultant"


This one was a random, surprise batt. Great surprise, huh?

Gee, I have no idea how these got in the package!

Okay, actually, I do. I bought the first one because it was pink and sparkly, and who could resist that name? It practically begged me to buy it and spin it into yarn and make something for Jillian with it.

The second one was part of a special listing. If you “bought” the listing you got a free 1-ounce batt of surprise fibers. Isn’t it GORGEOUS? Such a fun combination of lime green, yellow, bright purple, pink, white, turquoise, and plenty of sparkle. I LOVE IT!  It may actually be the first thing I spin when I save up for a wheel, because I just can’t wait to see what it will look like all spun up!

Speaking of a spinning wheel, that’s my new savings project. I have tried to spin yarns on two different drop spindles, and had massive failures both times. The first time I spun some yarn, but broke it on my second attempt. The second time I can’t get the fiber to twist at ALL. It feels to me like the spindle just isn’t heavy enough to sustain spinning momentum to twist the fiber. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or maybe I need lessons. But if I’m going to take lessons I’d rather buy a wheel and get a lesson for that, to be honest with you. So for now I’m saving my pennies and I’m putting myself on a NO FIBER diet* (ha ha) from now on until I get a wheel. The money I save on fibers will go into my wheel-buying fund, and I’ll head on over to Dawning Dreams and buy myself a Babe Fiber Starter. Until then, I’ll just pet and admire my lovely fiber as motivation to save up for the wheel!

*Note: The no-fiber diet officially started AFTER I bought the two batts above, and AFTER I bought two March Spin-Along kits from Desert Garden Farms. So that fiber doesn’t count. Plus, I’ll need something to spin when I get the wheel, won’t I? Here’s hoping my brother can work his tax mojo on my return this year to get me a refund and/or to have me owe less than what I have saved up to pay the IRS from my writing job. Then it’s a wheel for me, and a PS3 for Mike!


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