New Colorway: Son of Poseidon

9 Feb

This is my newest colorway, “Son of Poseidon.” It was inspired by Percy Jackson, star of his own book (and now film) series. The colors are a light and dark teal mixed with sandy tan and silver grey. It reminds me of the sea, in a somewhat masculine way. I am including mini skeins of this colorway in the March Phat Fiber Sampler boxes, and then I will also list some full-sized skeins in my store. “Son of Poseidon” is the first in my Percy series; next to debut will be Annabeth and Grover. I will also do god/goddess inspired colorways for my club, which will debut later this month and be shipped out in March.

So, here’s Percy:

Full-sized sock yarn skeins

A few of the Phat Fiber skeins

Single Phat Fiber skein to show variegation of colors

The colors are a little bit greener than they’re showing here (they’re not a bright turquoise at all). The natural light is kind of poor today b/c it’s gloomy outside, and it’s also wet so I can’t take the yarn out there for a photo.  Mental note: This week, build a photo box!


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