Book Review: Truly, Madly by Heather Webber

14 Jan

As part of Librarything’s Early Reviewer program, I got an advanced reading copy of this book about a month ago:

Here is my review, also available at Librarything:

This was a really cute book. It follows Lucy Valentine, the daughter of a famous matchmaker, as she attempts to take over the family business for a short time while her father is away. There’s one problem, though: Lucy’s father is a successful matchmaker because he (and everyone else in the family) can read auras and use them to match people. Lucy lost this ability as a child, so she’s worried she will drive the family business into the ground during her tenure there.
Instead, she runs into a hot mess including trying to get a client off the hook for a murder by solving it herself and finding herself falling hard for a PI she’s working with. Plus, she has her own supernatural ability to worry about.
I really liked Lucy; she was plucky, fun, and self-aware. I rooted for her throughout this book, and will continue to do so when the rest of the series debuts. If you’re a fan of Sookie Stackhouse, you’ll probably like Lucy. She’s like Diet Sookie: not quite as deep or interesting, but a fun, low-calorie read.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes well-written chick lit. It was really enjoyable, kept me turning pages and wanting to read the sequel.


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