Family Updates

23 Nov

Well, things are bustling along well here in our household. We’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Christmas – can you belive it’s only a month away now? Yikes! Mike and I did most of our shopping online this year, but we still have to pick up a few things (one more gift for Will and a few for Zack). We’re finding it difficult to shop for Zack, since he’s so small. I think we’ll end up getting him a few toys that he may be too small for now but will grow into soon. After all, it’s going to be a while until his birthday, so these will be things he can get use out of between now and then.

I’ve got to finish my handmade holiday gifts, too. I’m working on them and making good progress, but I still have a few things on my list. I’m going to be making stocking stuffers for the kiddos, which will be a big hassle to make only because I’ll have to hide from them while I do it. Will’s going to get a Pikmin toy,

This is the Yellow Pikmin from the Craftster link.

but Will’s will be red instead of yellow, which means it will have a nose instead of ears.

Jillian’s going to get a Ponyo, like this one:

This is the Ponyo made by agamerswife on Ravelry.

She loved that movie, even though I thought it was one of the weirder things I’d ever watched (and belive me, I’ve seen some weird things).

I’m thinking of making this for Zack:

This is the photo from the designer's blog.

I’d have to use yarn or felt to make the eyes and sew them on or embroider them, but I think it’s cute. I also like that the pattern requires very little seaming/assembling, which I hate doing. The legs are crocheted directly onto the body, so that will be handy. I’m thinking of making him in a variegated rainbow yarn, or something very bright at least.

In non-holiday news, Will has his first loose tooth! This was a failed attempt at photographing it for posterity:

Can you see it now, Mom?

He’s very excited for it to come out, so we’re all preparing for our first Tooth Fairy visit!



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