Etsy Baby Shower Rocks!

8 Nov

Zack received his fourth Etsy baby shower gift today, and it is adorable!


Happy Baby!

He got a blue and white teething giraffe and onesie from Suzi’s Shop, Starbright Baby! 

The teething giraffe will be ideal when he gets old enough to get teeth, because it’s the perfect size for little hands to hold, and soft yet durable all at once. I can toss it in the washing machine to clean it, and I don’t have to worry about lead poisoning or harmful plastics. Bonus!


I LOVE my new giraffe and onesie!

The onesie he got is super soft, and it fits him really well (with a little room to grow in). It has a cute little fish design, and it makes him look so cute (well, doesn’t everything?)!


Thank you, Suzi!

The quality in Suzi’s craftsmanship is amazing and professional, and her teething giraffes are so unique and colorful! She has a huge selection of patterns and colors in her shop, and even makes a larger size for older kids called Toddler Giraffes. check out Starbright Baby the next time you need an adorable, functional, and unique baby gift that’s sure to please. Thank you so much to Suzi at Starbright Baby for this amazing baby shower gift!


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