The Girl Can Wear a Hat

30 Oct

So, my daughter Jillian is totally a hat person. She looks adorable in them, even when they’re ill-fitting (we got her a hat at the MTSU game we attended; it was too big but still super-cute). I think it’s a combination of her hair cut (good length for hats), her cute face, and her penchant for photo posing. 🙂

Here’s the hat I made for her this week:


Jilly's Sparkly White Hat

It’s kind of a flapper-esque pattern, with a cute little brim and a low cap. I added a flower and a sparkly button because a girl can never have too much sparkle (even the yarn is sparkly and ivory-colored, super feminine).  What a cutie!

If you’re in the market for an adorable hat pattern, you have to check out this blog. The hat I made for Jillian is called the “Blood and Dark Chocolate Beanie,” but she has several other super-cute patterns. I think I’m going to make th butterfly hat for Jilly next.


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