Special Delivery

27 Oct

Let’s call this post, “Another Reason Etsy Rocks.”

This weekend I got a delivery in the mail – the 2nd installment of my Etsy Baby Shower surprises. It was awesome!

Welcome Home Zack Plaque

Welcome Home Zack Plaque

Jen from ItzFitz made Zack this adorable monkey tile for his wall. She let me select it personally from her store, which has so many cute tiles it was hard to pick one!

Zack plays Vanna White.

Zack plays Vanna White.

All of Jen’s tiles are custom-made and hand-painted, and they are gorgeous! She makes them in a variety of sizes, and she also makes wooden letter displays, piggy banks, and more!

Here he is!

Here he is!

Jen worked with me to make sure the tile was right, and it arrived in one beautiful piece due to her careful packaging. I feel so lucky to have been matched up with ItzFitz; this tile is a keepsake we will cherish for Zack’s whole life!


One Response to “Special Delivery”

  1. Jen October 30, 2009 at 10:01 pm #

    Zack is just toooo cute!
    I’m glad he loves the wall hanging!

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