You’ll Lovem!

24 Oct

In case you didn’t know, the talented artists on Etsy are fantastic and generous. I participated in the Fall 2009 Etsy Baby Shower this year, and today my first gift arrived. Check it out:

Zack with his Lovem, take 1

Zack with his Lovem, take 1 ...

Nancy from Lovems sent this to Zack, and it is amazing! It’s a two-sided minky blanket with a chocolate brown and baby blue polka dot pattern on one side and solid baby blue on the other. If you don’t know what minky fabric feels like, get thee to a fabric store and check it out. It’s amazingly soft and PERFECT for baby blankets! On the solid blue side she embroidered Zack’s name for us, which was a really sweet touch! The best part is that she has sewn a stuffed monkey to the blanket; head on one corner, legs on the other. It’s so cool, because now it’s a stuffed animal and a blanket all in one. Plus, the weight of the monkey helps the blanket stay where you put it, and gives Zack something to clutch.

... take 2 ...

... take 2 ...

I opened the box and gave Zack his Lovem right away, and he really took to it even though he hasn’t shown much interest in toys yet. He hung onto the monkey and blanket and snuggled to his little heart’s content. He even continued to hold it as he fell asleep. So cute! (Unfortunately the batteries died in my camera so I couldn’t take a picture of that one).

... take 3 ...

... take 3 ...

When Nancy found out I was the mom she’d be donating to, she let me pick any Lovem blankie I wanted from her shop, which was really sweet! She doesn’t just make monkeys – she makes almost anything you can think of. She has an adorable assortment of dogs, ducks, bears, and even an alligator! Plus she’ll combine them with any minky blanket fabrics/colors you like, and embroider them to personalize them with the child’s name, just like Zack’s.

... and take 4!

... and take 4!

If you’re in the market for a baby gift, I cannot recommend Nancy’s shop enough. She is amazingly talented, her idea is unique and adorable, and her work is of the highest quality. Zack loves his new blankie, and so do I! And, as an added bonus, the animal makes the blanket into a weighted blanket for nursing moms; I can’t wait to try out that feature, too!

Thank you thank you to Nancy and the organizers of this Etsy Baby Shower. I am so lucky to be part of such an awesome community of artists and moms!


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