Handmade Fashion Show

14 Oct

So today I got the idea to try on some of the sweaters I’ve made for Zack. Some worked out better than others, but I’m inspired to keep crocheting until I find a pattern I really like. Here are the ones I’ve done so far:

Every Day is a New Sweater Day pattern

Every Day is a New Sweater Day pattern

This first one was one of my favorites because I made it with some of Squibstitcher’s gorgeous sock yarn; unfortunately, it turned out to be way too small for my chunky monkey. That’s okay, though, b/c I’m signed up to donate an item to the Etsy baby shower this fall, so this will become my donated item.

Sunset Baby Sweater

Sunset Baby Sweater

This one is bright, and it actually fits, so that’s a bonus. It’s a little gender-neutral in the color scheme, so I’m going to try to mainly put it on him with masculine colors underneath.

Hunter Baby Sweater

Hunter Baby Sweater

This one fits well, but I think I”d prefer to put more buttons on it; I think the one-button look is a little feminine. So I’m going to probably add a few rows of edging to the front so I can sew in a few more buttons. Then it will be ready to go.


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