Miracle on Michigan Court

11 Jun

So yesterday, my vacuum broke. This is no big surprise, since I’m hard on vacuums and I always expect I’ll have to buy a new one once a year or so. Unfortunately, this one had really bad timing, because it broke while I was halfway through the living room, and I needed to finish the job since the guy from the moving company is coming today to give us an estimate on our move. So I had no choice – time to go shopping for a new one.

I really didn’t want to spend big money on a new vacuum, because we’re moving and I’d rather just wait until that happens before I get a new one. But I had to have SOMETHING to sweep the floors with, too. So I went to Wal-Mart and bought the cheapest little thing they had – a Eureeka 4-in-1 job that will do stick, hand, and crevice vacuuming (and stairs, too, woo hoo). It gets the job done, and if it doesn’t last forever it’s no big deal – I only spent 20 bucks.

The real miracle occurred when I took that little baby out of her box. My kids thought it was the cutest little vacuum they’d ever seen, and they BEGGED to be allowed to vacuum their rooms with it. Seriously.

Here’s the photographic evidence. My son, Mr. I’m-too-lazy-to-put-underwear-on-in-the-morning, is vacuuming my living room floor. He had already finished his bedroom and was itching for more.

Will and the Greatest Vacuum Ever

Will and the Greatest Vacuum Ever

The great part about it is that I can leave the handle down for the hand-vac position and it makes it the perfect size for my little darlings.

Jillian, unfortunately, is too scared of the minimal noise it makes to actually use it herself. She wanted me to let her vacuum with it unplugged, but I told her that wouldn’t really do any of us any good. Maybe she’ll get over it after she sees how much fun Will’s having.

My own little miracle!


2 Responses to “Miracle on Michigan Court”

  1. Stephanie June 12, 2009 at 11:01 am #

    That’s impressive!

  2. Tisha June 13, 2009 at 9:06 am #

    When are you moving???

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