Yummy Food Online

5 May

Well, yummy recipes anyway.

My sister has started a blog.  Let me just start by telling you that I come from a long line of bakers.  My grandmother, until recent years when she moved into an apartment sans kitchen, would be the kind of woman to end a meal by saying “And for dessert we have …” and then go on to list 5 or 6 homemade items she had stored away in the kitchen.  (Yet for some reason, my grandfather often ate just plain lime jello; what a strange but wonderful man.)  My mother, though perhaps not as thorough with her weeknight baking as Grandmom, still made delicious desserts by hand ALL the time.  I grew up with one of those great Betty Crocker moms who made all my birthday cakes without the aid of a box, and who frequently baked for other people who were in need of comfort and/or kindness. 

Unfortunately, I don’t think I inherited any of those particular genes from the women in my family.  My baking attempts are few and far between, and generally lackluster.

My sister, however, got enough genes for both of us (and for my brother, too, who cooks but rarely bakes).  Jodi is a great baker, and very creative, too.  While my mom’s recipes were all a bit more traditional, Jodi is good at tweaking things and putting her own spin on classic favorites.   

It’s good that we have her around, or my poor children would rarely taste homemade sweets.  Ironically enough, however, she has to stick to tradition if she wants them to eat it.  Last year, she tried to bake Jillian’s birthday cake, and she added a layer of raspberry filling between the chocolate cake layers.  My son looked at it and said, “Ew, gross!” and refused to eat it.  Maybe he didn’t get the baking genes, either. 🙂

Anyhoo, my sister the baker happens to have a side business as a home-based bakery caterer.  She has recently launched her own blog, Babe in the Virtual Kitchen, to showcase her creations and share recipes with readers.  Check it out, and check back often – your stomach won’t be disappointed. 

Though I have to ask, did she HAVE to create her first post using a story about what a snotty teenager she was? 

Oh well – I forgive her, because she’s sending me cookies in the mail. Yum!

These are the cookies I will soon be consuming - I stole this picture from Jodi's blog.

These are the cookies I will soon be consuming - I stole this picture from Jodi's blog.


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