I don’t care WHAT you say, the Carousel of Progress still rocks.

2 Apr

No, I’m not dead.  It’s just that I think the parasite (aka infant) in my abdomen is sucking out all my creative vibes.  The lovely scarf in my last post?  Yeah, it’s still just that long.  Oh, well, it’s not exactly scarf season anyway, right?

So anyway, I thought I’d take some time to review Disney World.  Why not?  I’ve been spending a lot of time there since we moved here, and I’m happy to report that it is STILL the happiest place on earth, though some of the magic is lost with repeated visits.

All the parks are fun, though for different reasons.  We have a hard time at Epcot with our kids, as they have no interest in touring the countries.  Mike and I have often remarked, though, that it’d be a fun place to go for date night.  They have an awesome band that plays in England (Off Kilter), and nicer, grown-up restaurant choices.  The space-themed rides are fun, too, but I have to ask:  what happened to the place that smelled like oranges?  I don’t know what it was, I just remember a ride that talked about the future of hydroponic farming, and it smelled like oranges when you went through that part.  Hmpf.

MGM Studios has now been re-named Hollywood Studios, and I still love “Muppet Vision 4-D” even though it hasn’t changed in several years.  Still love the Muppet shop attached to it, too – I’m a sucker for commercialism, what can I say?  Will (age 5 for a few more weeks) likes the Star Wars ride and store, and both kids enjoy the “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” playground and the live performance from the Playhouse Disney pals.  I highly recommend avoiding the “Little Mermaid” show, however; Ariel can’t carry a tune, and I nearly felt blood dripping from my ears by the end.

The safari at Animal Kingdom is fun, as is their little dino-land full of fair-esque rides.  That’s about it.

For families, Magic Kingdom is still the best park.  It’s fun to do a FEW things at the other parks, but only good ol’ MK really caters to the kiddies.  The Carousel of Progress has been updated over the years to accommodate changing progress, but it still rocks.  Even my kids liked it, surprisingly enough.  Some classics have NOT been messed with, such as Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Haunted Mansion; all of these rides tend to scare the kiddos a little, but oh well.  The Tiki Tiki Room is under new management of Zazu (The Lion King) and Iago (Aladdin), so that’s fun.  Tomorrowland sports a fun Buzz Lightyear laser-gun ride that the kids (and the hubby) really get into, as well as a Monster’s Inc. comedy show that interacts with the audience in very cool ways. 

I have discovered something, however, about a former childhood favorite ride:  You know it, you love it, it’s It’s a Small World.  Or, as I have now come to call it, the Great Racist Boat Ride.  So, here’s the gist, for those of you who only remember the annoying theme song:  first, you travel through countries full of singing dolls in full-color.  You of course hit the European nations first, and Africa is at the very end (mostly full of jungle animals with only a few people, I might add).  Then, in a display of unity, the last room is full of characters from all of the countries, united in song.  Their song is, of course, now entirely in ENGLISH.  And their costumes?  Oh, yes.  They’ve all been turned pale and dressed in white.  Hmmmm ….

We may be leaving sunny Florida this summer, fleeing a really crappy job and job market for greener pastures elsewhere.  If that’s the case, I really will miss our regular Disney visits; but maybe not the Small World ride.


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