My first foray into handpainting

5 Feb

Okay, here’s skein one of two in my first-ever attempt at handpainting yarn:

"Twilight Junkie"

"Twilight Junkie"


I made this one for my spoilee in the Ravelry Valentine Vampire Swap.  She doesn’t know who she is yet, but I hope she enjoys her Twilighty yarn!

I’m hoping to have my new yarn shop opened eventually.  DH is rather intrigued by my new hobby, and he has volunteered to help.  Since I recently found out I am pregnant, I can’t do much of the powdered dye mixing; so I’ll leave that to him for the next few months, I think.  For now, I’m so tired I don’t have much energy for any new enterprises, so we will see how long it takes to get back into it! 

Stay tuned for skein #2, currently hanging in my garage waiting to be wound.


One Response to “My first foray into handpainting”

  1. Stephanie February 10, 2009 at 6:46 pm #

    Awesome! I also like the name post. I might play along one of these days. (And the post about old people just goes to show that you don’t ask a child if you really don’t want to know!)

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