Argh, Matey! It be treasure!

23 Jan

Okay, so today I got the best surprise EVER when I got home from work.  My package from jollypyrate on Ravelry had arrived!  This swap was the Knewbie Kit Swap, and the purpose was to learn a new technique in the new year.  So we told our partners 1, 2, or 3 new techniques we wanted to try, and they were supposed to send us a package providing us with the materials to try a new thing and some goodies to go with.  Well, as you can see, my partner did all that and THEN SOME:

The loot, matey!

The loot, matey!


She gave me so much that I thought it might be easier to split into technique goodies and other goodies.  Here are my technique goodies:

I'll be dyeing and spinning in no time, argh!!

I'll be dyeing and spinning in no time, argh!!

I got:  two spinning how-to books, two cool tapestry crochet patterns (I’ve never tried that either), two blank skeins of wool yarn from Knit Picks, a great assortment of Jacard acid dyes from Knit Picks, a GORGEOUS drop spindle, and REALLY COOL turquoise bamboo roving.  Can you say, amazing?!?

Here are my other, also very cool, goodies:

Shiver me timbers, I'll be pampered from head to toe!

Shiver me timbers, I'll be pampered from head to toe!

In this set, I got:  a cool bath sponge with shower gel, awesome soaps (pomegranate and some turquoise stuff that both smell amazing), heart pencils, rockin’ red and black stitch markers, some other cool little embellishments with vintage photos and “runs with vampires” on them, a grow-a-pirate-ship, some coffee in “Jillicious” flavor – how cool, and CHOCOLATE!!!  I am totally set for all my choco-cravings for a good long time.

I highly recommend trying to get jollypyrate as a swap partner, all you Ravelers out there.  She ROCKS!!!!


3 Responses to “Argh, Matey! It be treasure!”

  1. Pat January 23, 2009 at 10:17 am #

    MY GOODNESS!!!! Was the swap supposed to be for over $100 worth of stuff???!!! Just the 2 spinning books, the spindle and roving were at least $65!!!! WOW!! You are one lucky Knewbie!!!

  2. Anonymous January 30, 2009 at 12:39 am #

    Holy cow, I’ve got some serious competition to make the Love Bites swap the best ever… Which, btw, I’m putting together this weekend!

    Thank you, dear Jesse, for giving me an excuse to go to the yarn store!


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    […] samples they’ve spun has inspired me to get out my drop spindle. You may not remember, but I blogged about getting awesome loot in a Ravelry swap last year. Included in that awesome loot was a drop spindle and some gorgeous bamboo fiber. I haven’t […]

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