SpongeBob, AdventureCat

20 Dec

My poor cat. He is just dying to be an outdoor adventurer, and I continue to stifle his mojo at every chance I get.

SpongeBob has taken to some drastic attempts to escape lately. He has managed to get into the yard a few times, nibble on some grass, and then get dragged back into the house. It’s not that big of a deal, except that my overly-dramatic children absolutely freak out every darn time. That part is highly annoying.

Anyhoo, when he’s stuck indoors, SpongeBob has begun exploring new heights … literally. My living room has built-in plant shelves in two of the walls, and SpongeBob has ogled those shelves many times; this week, he finally managed to get up there. When he doesn’t go that far, he at least likes to hang out on top of the kitchen cabinets.


Here he is, glaring at me because I have reduced his life to this: the only excitement he gets is hanging out among the fake plants in my kitchen.


The other day, evidently he decided to branch out. Simply sitting on high shelves wasn’t enough for my cat. Now he had to attempt to parachute off of them.




You know, life with cats isn’t quite as entertaining as life with Great Danes, but it’s a lot less destructive.


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