Shout-out and Sneak Peek

14 Dec

Normally, I’m a person who enjoys keeping secrets. I like hiding things from people if it means they’re going to get a good surprise afterward. This makes me pretty good at things like birthdays and Christmas, because I feel little to no temptation to warn people about what they are getting.

However, in this case, I feel I can break my personal rules a little. Or, bend them, rather. As some of you may know, my friend Steph is pregnant with her first child. I am oozing with excitement over this, because it means I get to make all sorts of cute baby things for her little one. I haven’t started any of these projects yet, however, because Steph and her DH haven’t found out the sex of their baby yet. Once she tells me, I’ll be off and running. All of this she knows, so so far, I haven’t spoiled any surprises. However, here I go:

The other day, I entered a blog contest. I do this on a regular basis, and this time it paid off, because I won. The prize was this:


It is the cutest little set of baby goodies from this cute little site. I just couldn’t wait until after I send these to tell you about them. They’re SO amazing, that everyone who knows anyone who’s having a baby needs to go to the site right now and buy stuff.

I’ve had two babies of my own, so the site of a baby gift set isn’t anything particularly new or amazing for me. So let me tell you what IS so amazing about this set, which includes a blanket, bib, and two burp cloths. Here’s the list:
– The color choices are way cool. They’re a little on the masculine side, so I kinda hope Steph has a boy, but even if not they’re not SO boyish that she can’t use them for a girl. The thing I like is that they are cute without being cartooney; sophisticated without being pretentious. In case you can’t see well here, it’s a white background with polka dots in orange, brown, and pale blue.
– The sizing is great. The bib is nice and big so as to cover the baby’s cute little outfit, the burp cloths are big enough to cover Mom’s cute little outfit, and the blanket is HUGE! This is not one of those dinky little receiving blanket jobs that only lasts for the first three hours of the kid’s life. This one will last long into toddlerhood for little baby Davis.
– SOFT!!! Okay, it’s only one word, but it’s all you need. First of all, the patterned fabric itself is soft, so so so soft I wish I had sheets made out of it and I would never get out of bed. THEN, Jen (the lovely designer of these amazing products) has put a soft, furry-style lining on the back of the blanket and bib, and I’m telling you, it’s incredible. For those of you yarn lovers out there, I can only compare it to those really really really soft sheep rugs they sell at sheep and wool festivals. It’s THAT soft. This baby is going to sleep like, well, a baby in this stuff.

Check out a close-up of this fuzzy goodness:


So, Steph, sorry I ruined part of the surprise. But knowing me as you do, I have plenty of other ideas up my sleeve, and this is only one small part of the baby goodness I have in store for you. I have to live vicariously through you, anyway, because I can’t birth another demon spawn without upsetting the balance of nature. SO, now you know, you’re getting a really cute baby set sometime in the future. Fun, fun, fun!

Pregnancy is the greatest, isn’t it? You get to be fat and have people be happy for you and give you presents for it. That’s the life.


One Response to “Shout-out and Sneak Peek”

  1. Stephanie December 15, 2008 at 12:36 am #


    Thanks Jess! I wish I could bottle the baby smell for you and send it to FL. I’ll know baby gender at the beginning of Jan, so I’ll be sure to let you know then!

    Fat and happy, that’s me!

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