Ice is Nice

30 Nov

Yesterday, we had the privilege of visiting the Gaylord Palms Hotel for the evening. Here are the kids in the indoor atrium:


Normally, we’d be a little out-classed at a place like that, but we had our “one night to be fancy” because of one of Mike’s students. Her mom works at the Palms, and she gave us an awesome discount package that included the room, 20% off shopping and dining, and free admission for 2 to Ice! Ice! is a HUGE display of ice sculpture, including some gigantic ice slides. Way cool, literally and figuratively. Here are the pictures of the kiddos enjoying this holiday treat:





We decided, afterwards, that it was pretty fun, but we probably wouldn’t pay full price to go again. They keep it at 9 degrees in there, which was just too cold for Jilly, despite being all bundled up and wearing the parka they provided. Plus, once you’ve seen it all once, it isn’t ALL that fun. I will say I was glad that we could step out of that igloo into a gorgeous, 78-degree sunny Florida afternoon. 🙂

It was really nice to get away for the night, though, and the hotel was great. It has a GIGANTIC pool, an indoor atrium, and great shopping and dining. Plus, it’s nice and kid-friendly, which is always cool.


One Response to “Ice is Nice”

  1. Turtle December 1, 2008 at 4:01 am #

    how nice to get to experience something completely out of your normal element. i’m sure they will always remember it!

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