Destressing and Swapping

29 Nov

This month, I participated in the November Destress/Destash Swap on Ravelry. The aim of the swap was to go through the things you have but don’t use (stash and other goodies around your house) and send them to someone else. Here is the awesome package I got from Kate:


Here’s another “group shot” of the whole kit n’ caboodle:


She sent me a book she recently loved reading, a Gryffindor book mark, a vanilla candle, a crochet hook, some cute toys for the kids, and a catnip golden snitch for the kitties. Plus, of course, some GORGEOUS yarn:


I can’t wait until the holidays are over so I have time to make something with this gorgeous yarn! I might include it in my “year in a blanket” blanket. OR, I might just make myself some cool new scarves. Not sure yet.

Here’s a pic of Hermione enjoying her Golden Snitch:


Thanks, Kate!!!

ps. Tomorrow is the last day for my contest, so enter now!!!


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