Have a martini, baby?

4 Nov

Or maybe a Martini baby, as my sister’s friends are doing! Their last name is Martini, so my sister asked me to create a baby blanket with martinis worked in somehow, and I have finally finished it:


I added solid green flannel onto the back, to make it a little softer. The peaches n’ cream cotton I used for the blanket itself worked nicely to create the martini motifs, but isn’t overly soft in and of itself.


In somewhat related news, I will no longer be surprised if martinis turn out to be on the sign-up list for items to donate to my son’s next kindergarten party. Today, Mike called his teacher to let her know Will was sick, and she told Mike that the kids have been having some arguments lately. Apparently, some kids in Will’s kindergarten class have told the others that they’d better find a girl to hold hands with on the playground or else they’re gay. My darling son then told these kids they could all just go to Hell. His teacher told him that wasn’t nice, and he responded, “Well, they’re all going to anyway, because they don’t like me and they DON’T like Jesus!”

Suddenly my son, the atheist-in-training who has to be dragged to church on Sunday mornings (unlike his sister, the nun-in-training who just looooooves Jesus), is now walkin’ around the kindergarten like some sort of evangelist.

Lord, help us. I need a martini now.


2 Responses to “Have a martini, baby?”

  1. Jodi November 5, 2008 at 4:19 pm #

    First – thanks for the awesome blanket and sweater set. I’m sure they’ll LOVE IT!

    Second, the story about Will’s kindergarten class is cracking me up. Too, too, funny. Maybe Will can do a laying on of hands during naptime next week. Where did he learn the idea that certain people got to go to hell anyway? You need to spend less time in Tennessee.

  2. Turtle November 18, 2008 at 3:47 pm #

    Luv it!!

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