It ain’t easy bein’ Pretties …

6 Oct

Okay, time for another book review!

This time, I’m reviewing Pretties, the sequel to Uglies, which I reviewed here. In this book, we continue with Tally Youngblood, the heroine of the last novel. In this one, she has left her rebellious friends in the New Smoke, turning herself into the authorities so they will make her pretty, like everyone else 16 years old or older in her society. Unlike her shallow fellow citizens, though, Tally has volunteered to become pretty in order to work toward finding a cure for the brain lesions the doctors put in your head to make you stupid as well as pretty.

All goes somewhat according to plan by the end of the book, except that Tally, in her usual way, has caused trouble for herself and her friends at every turn. She doesn’t want to become pretty, then doesn’t want to stay stupid, finds a new boyfriend, breaks her old boyfriend’s heart, escapes the city, and returns to the city, only to be made into a Special (a super-freakish race of uber-humans bent on keeping order at any cost).

I really liked this book, as much as the first if not more. Now I’m reading the third and final installment (which, it turns out, is only the 3rd of 4), called – what else? – Specials. More on that tomorrow or the next day when I finish it.

For now, I highly recommend checking out the series here.


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