I’m not dead!!!

7 Sep

I’m finally back to regular internet access – woo hoo! Life in Florida has been hectic so far, to say the least – but it rocks!

My job is both good and bad, but whose job isn’t? Right now it’s just a major stressor trying to adjust to a completely different schedule than what I’ve had in the past. More time teaching, less time planning. Yay!!! Not.

Anyway, we’re all moved in, and we’re lovin’ the new digs. There’s still a lot of unpacking to do, of course, but we’re on it. I swear. We’ve been learning to share our environment with all of Florida’s creepy crawlies, but also spraying like crazy to keep them out of the house. Here is one example of our back yard neighbors:

We’ve seen several of them in the yard. This one likes to live on the side of our grill – good thing for him we don’t eat frog legs, I suppose. He can also be found hanging out on the wall by our sliding doors:

I think, Steph, that you should be VERY proud of me for not freaking out too badly, not even when one of these little buggers managed to jump into the house when the door was open.

I will take many more pics of the house and its natural neighbors, but for now that’s all I’ve got.

We took the kids to our school’s home football game on Friday. Here’s Jilly, all ready to go:

One of the students painted her face in school colors (navy, yellow, white/silver):

She kept walking up and down the stands screaming, “Woo!!! Go Bolts!” every few seconds. The cheerleaders thought she was a-DOR-able. People who haven’t met her usually do. 🙂 Anyhoo, we stayed through the halftime show, at which point Jilly’s antsy-ness was getting a little irritating. Will refused to pose for pictures, but was highly entertained by the game and annoyed that we couldn’t stay for the whole thing due to his lame sister. Ugh.

Life goes on, but in a much more pleasant climate. Stay tuned for book reviews soon. I’m reading my way through the Florida Teens Read List this quarter, as I’m forcing my students to read them, too.

In crocheting news, I’m working on:
– finishing Amy’s shawl (just a round and a half left on the border)
– making a hat and headband for an Etsy friend
– finishing my sister’s friend’s baby martini blanket (one square and a border left)
– starting my sister’s friend’s Bengals baby sweater (not started yet, but yarn and hook ready)
– then I really really really want to make myself a bag before I start on the Crochet by Numbers blanket for my in-laws and the scarves inspired by Twilight characters (all in my head, no yarn or hook ready right now).

So much crocheting, so little time! If only summer were endless …


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