Florida Wildlife

10 Aug

So, I’ve learned something in my short time as a Floridian: there are a LOT of animals here we didn’t have in Pennsylvania. The damn lizards are everywhere, I tell ya. They lurk in corners, on tree trunks, and windowsills. They scuttle across the sidewalk a mere foot in front of me, ever reminding me that there may be a day when they go right across my flip-flop-clad foot. (Shudder.) Then, of course, there’s the fact that my children will NEVER be allowed to go swimming lakes around here, because I’m not having them eaten by alligators, no sir.

However, there is some wildlife here that’s fun. The palm and citrus trees are all over, and we plan to plant some in our yard when we move into our house. There are armadillos, too, and they’re pretty cute (except when they’re being eaten by the buzzards). There are really cool birds, too. We saw roadrunners in the Winn Dixie parking lot, and today we even saw these guys in our hotel parking lot:

I have no idea what type of birds they are, but they were gorgeous. Sorry for the blurry photos – my camera lens was steaming up a little from coming out of the air conditioning and into the great outdoors. These birds caused Jilly Bean to cry a little, though, because they didn’t want to hang around long enough for her to catch them and pet them. Maybe they’ve been talking to our cats.

Finally, there’s this variety of Florida wildlife:

Okay, okay, so really it’s just a cute little dragon I made. He’s a gift for the secretary at my school who has been so helpful with our move and all. She’s really into dragons, and I couldn’t resist the pattern when I saw it.

More wildlife updates to come, I’m sure. Hopefully they’re of the more pleasant variety.


One Response to “Florida Wildlife”

  1. Stephanie August 11, 2008 at 2:56 am #

    from what i can tell through the condensation, i think they are cranes.

    the blue one i think is related to the lizard creatures you shudder about, so i am surprised you let it inside!


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