The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

26 Jul

Okay, so here’s a summary of the past hour in my life, in scrambled order.

First, the Good:
I contacted Todd Paschall ( about his cool new project, Crochet by Numbers. So I just checked my email and saw that he sent me a pattern to make this picture out of crochet:

How cool is that?!?!? For all you other crocheters out there, Todd will make your pattern for free from a photo of your choosing, and then he will help you through the process of making the pattern into a blanket. Just visit his web site and check it out!

Now, for the Bad: I’m awake. It’s 2:17am. This sucks.

And, the Ugly: Here’s why I’m up at this ungodly hour. My son woke up about 45 minutes ago, puking his guts out all over his bed. Oh, goody. I love my child, but he sure picked a crappy time to get sick. We’re moving to Florida from Pennsylvania in three days. We’re not finished packing yet. We have to be at full capacity productivity to get this move together. And now we’re probably going to pass around a stomach bug. Yay.

In a “not-so-World’s-Greatest-Mom” moment, all I can think is, Please God don’t let him vomit all over my new couches!!!!!

Please send me good-health vibes, please please please!!!


One Response to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

  1. Stephanie July 27, 2008 at 11:43 am #

    Oh! I love the picture!

    And sorry about the puke. Hope I didn’t get it! :o)

    I wish I could help (but wish I could sabotage the whole operation!)

    Bye Jess!

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