Love and Hate

16 May

So, I love my career (most of the time), REALLY love my side-job-that-will-hopefully-become-my-real-job, aka my Etsy shop; but I hate my job.  I love teaching, and I’m passionate about most of the classes I teach.  But today sucked.  Today, I:

1. Fought with rowdy high school freshmen who couldn’t handle being in a different classroom than we usually occupy;
2. Worked my butt off to distribute yearbooks that I had been working on for a year;
3. Argued with parents and students who love to tell me that this thing I’ve devoted a year of my life to sucks completely because I missed something that relates directly to them.
4. Screamed and cried and swore many expletives about how much I hate my job on days like today.

So anyway, like I said, my career is cool, my job sucks.  Note to Steph:  I’m ready when you are to open up that yarn shop and spend all day touching yarn and crocheting and teaching other people to love touching yarn and crocheting.


2 Responses to “Love and Hate”

  1. Stephanie May 16, 2008 at 12:59 am #

    I’m ready! I tried to come find you today before you left, but you were already gone. I don’t blame you.

  2. notajediknitter May 16, 2008 at 11:55 am #

    oh, a yarn shop!!! I’d be in too… as long as you don’t mind me screwing people up with my knitting techniques. Besides, Hanover needs a yarn shop… with gas prices the way they are, driving to the Mannings (as much as I love the place) is really out of the way… and the yarn shop in G-burg stinks (they carry nothing that interests me). I considered a job in education, but quickly gave that up when I realized, I don’t want to deal with teenagers and their parents (it’s hard enough raising them!). Take a deep breath chicka, it’s Friday… this too will end!!! Atleast you have the weekend to fondle yarn!!! 🙂

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