Finding Balance

5 Apr

My daugher, Jillian, models her Aunt Jodi\'s scarf.

Lately, I have been worried about my own obsession with yarn and crochet.  I have dreams about crocheting, I think about it while I’m doing other things, and I read books about other women who love yarn crafts (Right now it’s The Friday Night Knitting Club, and boy is is awesome!).  I have really been thinking that I need to stop obsessing.  But on the other hand, I feel like I’m pursuing my passion, so that’s a good thing, right?

Anyway, I have also decided that I’m not gettin’ any skinnier sitting on my butt crocheting all day (well, when I’m not enriching young minds at my day job), so today I went out and played tennis with my family for a while.  I felt so good that when I got home I finished my 2nd of 3 spirit scarves – woo hoo!  One more and my sister’s first custom order will be complete.  I hope she likes them.

Anyway, I’m off to read my book for a while (balance, balance) before starting on scarf #3!


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